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Frame Rate & Performance


- Notepad öffnen
-folgendes eingeben:

RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1
RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0

"Save as", and type in for user name "User.cfg" without quotes and save it in your Battlefield 3 folder.

Speed Up Map Loading Times:

Nvidia Cards:
1) Open up Nvidia Control Panel
2) Click on Manage 3D Settings
3) Click on Program SettingsSelect Battlefield 3 in the drop down box (
**If it's not there click add and find bf3.exe located C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 3)
4) Find Threaded optimization
5) Turn On
6) Click Apply

AMD/ATI Cards:
1) Download ATT
2) Install
3) Right click on the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
4) Click on Tweaks
5) Click on Advanced Tweaks
6) In the drop down box select Multi Threaded SupportChange to 2 or 4
(Depending on how many cores you have on your CPU)
7) Make sure the radio box above is ticked
8 ) Click apply

Maps should now load faster.

Sluggish Performance With Smooth Frames ?

-Disable VSYNC.
*Ensure it is set to off on your graphics card.

Green Flicker Issue:

-People say that the issue is caused by lack of VRAM.
-BF3 is a VRAM whore.
-Try turning down AA to 2x MSAA, or turning off completely.

Extra Game Settings:

-I havent used this yet, apparently its legit.
-Might want to take a look.

Game feels blurry & unresponsive:

- Disable motion blur in your graphics settings

Choppy / Stuttering With High End Machines:

*Affects Intel i5 & i7 CPUs with Hyper Threading.
*Possible fix for dual-core CPUs also.

Cause: BF3 Bug
-In BIOS. Disable Hyperthreading.
-If you have a dual core CPU, manually set Affinity in task manager to 1 core.
Extra For AMD GFX users:
- Uninstall AMD CAP profiles (Make sure to uninstall the video driver also and clean the registry, reinstall driver when done.)

More Frames / Smoother Performance:
*Try updating drivers.

Nvidia Users:

AMD/ATI Users:

How to remove In-Game Hud:

-Open your console in BF3 " ~ " key.

to Disable the HUD
" UI.DrawEnable 0 "

to Enable the HUD
" UI.DrawEnable 1 "

This disables the vehicle HUD also

How to Display your FPS in Game:

-Open your console in BF3 " ~ " key.

“render.drawfps 1”

and press enter to display your framerate in the top right corner of the screen as shown below.

Type in “render.perfoverlayvisible 1” and press enter to view a graph with details on your CPU and GPU performance as shown at the top of this post. The higher the line, the longer the time to render. So, you want to see low lines here with minimal spikes. Long render times indicate a performance bottleneck.

to disable this commands change the "1" to "0"

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-> noch nicht alles getestet aber ich denke headhunter koennte es helfen


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